Real Estate Strategies

Our experience in dealing with many clients across North America indicates that companies that move to real estate execution prior to developing a market strategy based upon a value proposition are usually opportunistic and are likely to fail. Agora’s approach to real estate strategy benefits corporations with a more professional decision-making process. As real estate strategy must be aligned with business strategy, it is critical that the correct real estate assessment process be undertaken. We identify market opportunities through a proven consumer value proposition approach combined with a sophisticated understanding of urban and rural markets.
  • Value Proposition Identification
  • Regional Market Overviews
  • Network & Strategic Recommendations

Privacy and Confidentiality

Agora protects the private details of our clients’ business affairs. Our clients must be certain that their affairs are treated with the utmost discretion. Project information of any kind will be kept under strict security constraints. Mention of client identities without their express permission is forbidden. Confidentiality is essential to the long-term success of our business.